Nel marzo del 2006 abbiamo riunito a Trento un gruppo di medici provenienti dall'Europa, dal Canada, Libano and the USA per discutere la situazione delle cure palliative pediatriche palliative in Europa.


The group was called the International Meeting for Palliative Care in Children, Trento (IMPaCCT) (see Box 1) and is sponsored by the Maruzza Lefebvre d’Ovidio Foundation (Rome), Fondazione Livia Benini (Florence) and the No Pain for Children Association (Trento).


In 2007 the IMPaCCT group became an EAPC task force. Over three days, paediatric palliative care services in different countries were compared, paediatric palliative care was defined, best practices identified and minimum standards agreed.


The result is a united document for Europe, defining and identifying standards of care for children with life-limiting and terminal illness. IMPaCCT recommends that these standards be implemented in all European countries.